Afghanistan, Iraq Occupation: PR Problems Caused by Greed and Brutal Suppression of Local Dissent bigger than Julian Assange

Julian Assange runs the Wikileaks website. It features thousands and thousands of authentic documents which show that the Radhan occupiers in Afghanistan and Iraq are really not too popular with the local people.

The Radhan enforcers (Pentagon), for their part, have accused Mr. Assange of raping some women in Sweden. "Anonymous" accusations, which upper management in the Swedish prosecution service quickly decided were false. (WikiLeaks founder accuses Pentagon over rape claims, The Gazette, 23 Aug 2010)

They're doing what they can about Wikileaks, but their PR problems are much bigger than one website.


The Radhan slave traders have a lot of power these days. They run Norway, the United States, and a host of other countries.

Some countries thought they could do their own thing. Countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine.

But the Radhan special forces showed them otherwise.

And so these Jews enjoy wealth and power.

But the tactics they used in their various takeovers have brought about a situation where no amount of money (or spin) can get the host peoples to like them.


Back on 8 May 1945, after a punishing, multi-year bombing campaign, they got the unconditional surrender of the Germans.

Unconditional? There would be no protection for the German people. And so every leader who could be found was cast into prison. Many were killed because of “crimes against humanity”. The conquerors wanted to make Germany a primitive, harmless country. Millions of Germans were starved to death to achieve this. (Egil Ulateig, De gode mot de onde, Forlaget Reportasje, 1999, p 37)

And that's how things went in Iraq. There was the usual, punishing bombing campaign. The surrender with no protections for the people. The leaders have been thrown into prison, with so many killed on grounds of "crimes" against humanity.


And now, in a country which used to run its own oil business, and built its own rockets, the unemployment rate "is officially pegged at slightly over 20 percent, but believed to be much higher." (Tarek El-Tablawy, In porn, a story of Iraq's politics, AP, 23 Aug 2010)

The oil industry changed hands: "Rumaila, with an estimated 17.8 billion-barrel reserve, is considered the workhorse of Iraq's oil industry, producing about 1.1 million barrels per day. It was snapped up at the oil auction by British giant BP PLC teaming up with the China National Petroleum Corp." (Iraq's oil deals dominate PM election campaign, USAToday, 2 Mar 2010)


The victims of these takeover jobs are often unhappy with the occupiers. And so the bombs fall on the discontented. As they did in Gerani, Afghanistan, when the American special forces laid down a huge bombing which killed 150 civilians, including many children.

This repression leads to further discontent, and so the popular news media has no end of stories about brutal occupiers slapping down the aspirations of the local populations.

Meanwhile, the occupation forces like to talk about reconstruction projects and their local partners. And, at least in Germany, Afghanistan, and Iraq, talk about those flourishing parliamentary democracies.

In Israel, there's an occupation. With bombings. But little talk of democracy.

The occupiers take the olive trees, the water resources, and the dignity of the local people.

So let's say that the Jewish soldiers are out on patrol, and catch an Arab who looks at them funny. What do they do?

"Palestinians are routinely handcuffed and blindfolded when they are arrested to stop them from trying to flee." (Diaa Hadid, On Facebook: Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab, AP, 16 Aug 2010)

When the Arabs in Palestine run into Jews, they want to FLEE!!

That sounds like a major PR problem.

The locals just don't like their occupiers.

But take a look at the Jewish soldier Eden Aberjil. Would you want to look at a face like that?

Back in 1756, Voltaire's huge article "Juifs" was published in Geneva. It "depicted the Jewish character as evil ever since Biblical times". (Raphael Patai, The Jewish Mind, 1996, Wayne State University Press, p 228)

Looking at the pictures, there is some support for this contention.

Whether we're thinking of Germany, Afghanistan, or Norway, the tactics are almost always the same. There's a big war for "enduring freedom", lots of bombs fall, and so many civilians are permanently injured and killed.

"The hostility of Marx, scion of a long line of rabbis, to Jews and Judaism cannot be explained on the basis of his theories of history and society alone. Marx stated in an 1842 letter to Arnold Ruge that "the Israelite faith" was "repugnant" to him; ... and consistently equated Jews with capitalistic exploiters." (Raphael Patai, The Jewish Mind, 1996, Wayne State University Press, p 470)

In Afghanistan, the drug business is flourishing. In Iraq, they've grabbed the oil. And if anyone gets in their way? Bombs and blindfolds.joomla 1.5 stats

This pattern of doing business was repugnant to Marx. And to me. And to most everyone else.

And that's why the Radhan slave traders have such big PR problems these days.