The American Dream - The Making of American President Barack Obama


The new American president, Mr. Obama, has been described as "black". (Jitendra Joshi, Obama gets to work on transition, AFP, 5 November 2008 ). But the description is just not accurate, as the picture at left shows.

No, this man is cappuccino, with a very liberal admixture of milk.


His origins can be found in fulfillment of the Negro Dream (described in detail here):

“My friend Leishorwa is now rich. He married a mzungu (white) woman who took him to … is it New Zealand or Switzerland? I don’t know. He came back to build a big house and bought so many cows. I envy him.”

Yes, the Negro dreams of getting together with a white women.


In the picture at right, we see a young Negro hard at work realizing his dream.

While its quite possible to live the dream in Mombasa, many Negroes prefer to realize the dream in a "western", or White, country.

And that's how it was with Barack Sr.:

Mr Obama's father - a Kenyan also called Barack - met and married his American mother when they were students at the university of Hawaii. (Odinga says Obama is his cousin, BBC, 8 January 2008 )


This dreamer didn't just enjoy the sandy beaches, beautiful palm trees, and excellent surfing opportunities. Oh, no, he dipped right into the honey pot.

And the result of all this?


A new president. A president everyone can identify with.

The Negroes are told, He's Black, and they think they are getting one of their own in the White House.

The White people see this man is not really black.

"Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has praised the youth, good looks and "suntan" of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama." (Italian PM praises Obama "suntan", Reuters, 6 November 2008 )

They apparently think he just has a good suntan. And that's cool.

Sure suntanning causes cancer, but there's been some intense marketing of the tanning concept, with the idea that being browner is somehow more attractive. In "Suntanning and the Cancer Business", we explored the Jewish role in promoting tanning, as well as the assocated dangers.

The well-tanned Dream doesn't just look cool, he is totally cool. According to EssensiE Magazine, "Smoking weed helped me".


Marijuana just happens to be another Jewish business, but the Dream certainly looks cool while taking his "smokes".

To top it all of, he has an impossibly cool wife. Go Michelle, Go!

The American Dream is out front these days -- all red, white and blue. The origins of the dream were in Africa.


In Kenya, maybe?

After all, that's where Barack Sr. came from.

Yes, in a way, but actually from Morocco. Which brings us to the dreamer Moses Elias Levy, or Ha-Levi ibn Yuli, as they called him in the old country. (Chris Monaco, Moses Levy of Florida, LSU Press, 2005, p. 4)

The Jewish press claimed he possessed a princely lineage. (id.) And they were almost right. Moses was raised in a wealthy Sephardic Jewish household in Morocco. (id., p. 5) In theory, Morocco was an Arab country back in those days, but for some reason the Arabs weren't competent to manage their own affairs. They needed Jews at the court of the Sultan to "advise" him. Moses' father was just such an adviser.

Little Moses was taught Hebrew, Spanish, and Arabic in his youth. (id.) The Jews had a sweet operation going in Morocco, but the fun met its end in 1790, when Sultan Sidi Mohammed died. (id., p. 19) Their control had been so complete that all the business between Morocco and other countries was managed by Jews. (Ralph Bennett, The Jews of Morocco) Unfortunately for the Jews, there had been some finance problems, or in modern language, a "credit crisis". The new sultan, Mulay Yazid, knew about this, and wasted no time in punishing the responsible Jews (compare with the current statements of Nicholas Sarkozy described here and here).


Many Jews were fined, physically punished, and/or executed. In particular the court Jews, who had enriched themselves at the expense of the previous sultan and the people of the country, were severely punished. Sultan Yazid wanted to end his country's dependence on the “Jewish royal merchants”. (Monaco, p. 20)

Merchants like Moses' father, Eliahu Levi. It seems his graft was especially serious, because he was, in the course of judicial proceedings, beaten, imprisoned, and condemned to death.


So here you have this Jew, somewhat the worse for wear, warming a prison bench in Morocco. He thought things through, and decided to save his skin. Eliahu Levi said, I want to be an Islamic.

The foolish judiciary in Morocco actually believed him, so decided to spare his life. Not all of the court Jews could think so quickly, so they were hung by their ankles from the city gates of Meknes until they died.

The Jew Eliahu Levi said he wanted to be an Islamic, and Jews always tell the truth. Right?

Well, not in this case. The Sultan Yazid ordered Levy to report to Fez for religious instruction in Islam.

It seems that Eliahu had changed his mind, so he took off for Gibralter. He "abandoned his property and estates". (id.) Amazing! Being Jewish meant more to Eliahu than all that wealth. We note "estates" is in the plural here.

When his case was critical, he could flex. But after all was said and done, he preferred Judaism to all that wealth. Being a family man (at least three wives, plus slaves), Eliahu thought to smuggle his wife Rachel and little son Moses out of the country. (Monaco, p. 20)


This was the sort of persecution that has dogged Jews throughout the centuries. In Morocco, Eliahu had a harem stacked up with sex slaves. He purchased the mother of little Moses, the , shipwrecked daughter of an English physician, at the slave market in Fez. (Monaco, p. 4) They run their slaves, run the national trade, and "advise" the ruler.

Sometimes a Sultan Yazid type takes power, and cleans house. But these cleaning types tend to have "limited lifespans". We learned here about how the Jews poisoned Tsar Nicholas I after he cracked down on them.

It will not surprise you to learn that Sultan Yazid's rule was brief. He took over in 1790, and happened to die in 1792. The Jews had struck again.

Eliahu wasn't the only Jew who found life in Africa "hot". There were many Sephardic Jews who had come to Gibralter. “Most retained traditional North African customs". The Jewish men shaved their heads and had big beards. They rounded out their fashion ensemble with black robes.

“Once safe from Moroccan Islamic law, which considered his conversion irrevocable under penalty of death, he returned to the religious traditions of his birth and once again pursued a merchant’s life, travelling as far as Egypt."

What are these "religious traditions"?


The main economic activity at Gibralter was the English garrison. The Moroccan Jews sold the English their supplies. Not neglecting the vice business, either. There were no less than 90 taverns in Gibralter. Eliahu dug right into the world of Jewish religious traditions/business, and wanted to make sure that little Moses would be able to take over the empire. He arranged for a strict Jewish education under supervision of the rabbis.

“One such rabbi, the headmaster of the yeshiva, was said to be endowed with special powers, and, like the prophet Isaiah, could “slay the wicked with the breath of his lips”. (Monaco, p. 21)
Barbra Streisand brought attention to this Jewish trait: “Brooklyn once seemed to her a place with no redeeming features, not even its ice cream. She called it the home of ‘baseball, boredom and bad breath.’” (Anne Fadiman, BARBRA PUTS HER CAREER ON THE LINE WITH ‘YENTL’ - AND LEARNS NEW LESSONS ABOUT HER POWER AND HER FEMININITY, Life Magazine, December 1983)(emphasis added)


Moses was a natural as a merchant. He lived in Morocco, Gibralter, Danish West Indies, Puerto Rico, England, Cuba, and the U.S. (Monaco, p. 4) Moses Levy was an arms dealer and slaveholder/trader. (Chris Monaco, Moses E. Levy of Florida: A Jewish Abolitionist Abroad, American Jewish History 86:4 American Jewish History 86.4 (1998 ) 377-396)

He developed a dream, as most Jews do. And it was for more than a stack of shekels. Moses Levy dreamed of establishing a Jewish homeland in America. He started this colonization at Micanopy, Florida, at the Pilgrimage Plantation. With some 53 000 acres, this planation would give many Jews the opportunity to practice running slaves.

The main business venture there was sugar cultivated with Negro slave labor. For 13 years, Moses marketed the plantation as a colony for other Jews. But there were not many that came, seeing as the other Jews were busy running their own shops and slaves.


Moses Levy was very successful in his arms and slavery businesses. However, he still experienced racial prejudice from goy society.

Moses took this prejudice seriously, and did what he could to fight it. He was an active freemason, a member of many Hebrew secret societies, and wanted to shake up the world to prepare for the coming of the planned Jewish Messiah.

There were some Jews who just wanted to get along in society, but Moses Levy would have none of this. He severely rebuked those Jews who wanted to be a "harmless, unmeddling" people. (Monaco, Moses Levy of Florida, p. 8 )


And what kind of meddling did Moses get into? He was a great advocate of free, compulsory public schools. (Monaco, p. 9) You know, the sort of schools we have today. Moses was able to trick numerous Christians into supporting his dangerous ideas on education (he "succeeded in united Jews and Christians on vital issues of the day"). And Levy’s brand of utopia: radical restructuring of Judaism and ultimate rejection of Gentile society. (Monaco, p. 10)

Rejecting Gentile society? You know, the sort of thing where White people marry their own kind, and Negroes marry their own kind.

Moses got the idea going, but it took quite a while for court-ordered bussing for racial integration. So in his day, he used a different formula:

Convinced that legislation could not eradicate prejudice, Levy opted, in this case, for assimilation, in the form of arranged (or coerced) marriages between white convicts and black slaves. (Glenn Altschuler, A Century Later, A Jewish Pioneer Gets His Due, Forward, 1 September 2006)
Nowadays the White children are coerced into attending their all-day public schools. They are coerced to attend the same schools as Negroes. And the results? Well, look no further than the picture at right.

Or, look at the new president:

President-elect Barack Obama Friday admitted he faced a monumental challenge after promising his daughters a dog after the campaign, saying some of the pooches the first family-to-be were considering were "mutts like me." (Obama: First pooch may be mutt 'like me', AFP, 8 November 2007) (emphasis added)
The Jews have "rejected Gentile society". They came from Africa, and would like to coerce race mixing. The old laws against this have been destroyed. The compulsory public schools have been thrown open for unrestricted pursuit of the Negro dream. And the "mutts", as Mr. Obama puts it, are multiplying.

Which is the old African dream. Straight out of Morocco.

Moses Levy “held patriotic fervor in disdain" (Monaco, p. 4). Why should those White people get into their own pride thing, when they can be mixed together with Mr. Levy's fellow Africans?


Jewish historian Jakob Marcus doubts whether anything of “lasting value” came out of the life of Moses Levy. Marcus even questions Levy's sanity.

But Moses Levy knew exactly what he was doing. He wanted a colony for Jews in Florida. Today, with about 750,000 Jews, Florida is host to the third largest Jewish population in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise.

Moses Levy wanted to use free public schools to mix the White and Black races. It happened.

And when it happened at the University of Hawaii, a self-described mutt was born, who today leads the country. And not as a Sultan Yazid!

No, this is looking much more like a Sultan Sidi Mohammed reign. A long reign, with plenty of Jewish advisers at the royal statistics

And this is what happens when the Jewish dream coincides with the Negro's dream.