Sophie Marceau & the Fjellhaug Skole Tragedy / When Satan Struck at the Norsk Luthersk Misjonssambands Facility in Oslo

Sometimes a woman turns her back on thoughts of marriage and family, and dedicates her life to serving the pope. There are happy moments (see at right), but also long hours of prayer.

Picture a group of nuns standing in formation in the stone chapel of a French convent. Say, in the autumn of 1654. You can hear singing, prayer chants. Its an atmosphere of devotion and praise.

But then an intruder bursts into the room. What kind?

See what the nuns have to say.

Keep in mind that these women spend lots and lots of time in studying spiritual mysteries, so they must know the devil when they see him.


"The Devil ... half-naked!". And so it is. This black devil is wearing a trouser, but is half naked.

What to do? "Vade retro, Satanas!" Step back, Satan!!

These experienced nuns have absolutely no doubt who their visitor is: "Upon my soul, it's Beelzebub!"

Lots of skeptics, and even sincere Christians, have wondered: Where does the Devil maintain his base of operations on this earth. One of the older nuns helpfully explains: "It's an African native."

What? "A native?"

And then this false shepherd proceeded to mislead the nuns, explaining: "A human being with a soul, like you or me."

This was quite a surprising concept. "A black soul?"

"Naturally. But baptism and prayer can wash it clean."


Need help in putting the picture together? Then get the outstanding film La Fille de d'Artagnan. If you get the French version with English subtitles, you'll see the above dialog.

And, of course, you'll see the exceedingly talented French actress Sophie Marceau in action. From sword-fighting to a well-formed chest, this woman has it all.

And displays it in the film.


This very entertaining film is not just about cheap entertainment. Not even just about Sophie Marceau's wonderful body.

No, its a deep philosophical piece. Throughout the ages people have spotted the devil. Most of the French nuns had NO PROBLEM identifying him straight away. But then there are always those people who say, No, wait a minute. That's just an African native. Sure his soul is black, but it can be washed clean with baptism and prayer.

People like the religious leadership in Oslo.

Norway is quite a religious country, with more than 20 Bible schools serving a population of just about 5 million.

These are places where youth get prepared for mission work. To places like Africa.

Youth like the woman pictured at left. A 23-year-old Norwegian woman was living in the dormitory at Fjellhaug. The same dormitory where an Ethiopian Bible scholar was living. "A black soul?"

"Naturally. But baptism and prayer can wash it clean."

So, his black soul was washed clean? According to the Norwegian Lutheran Mission Society (
Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband), which operates Fjellhaug Bible School, this was entirely possible.


And apparently the Norwegian woman at the Fjellhaug dormitory believed this line. Up until the day when the devil burst into her dorm room. And now it was time for "Vade retro, Satanas" and "Upon my soul, it's Beelzebub!"

He needed sex. And he needed it now.

The Norwegian woman said no. So the devil got out his knife and set to work. Leaving the woman with nasty cuts on her hands and face.

The devil has been described as black, 175cm tall, with a missing front tooth. He also has a little bit of belly. The police have quite looking for him, "since they know who he is and where he lives." (
Håkon Løtveit, Knivskadd kvinne etter voldtektsforsøk på studenthjem, NRK, 11 Apr 2009)


The Night of Fire was a mass slaughter of French people on Haiti. It happened because they had devils living at close quarters. The French trusted the devils, and paid the price.

So, who softened them up, and weakened their natural defenses? Oh, just the priests:

"The priests asserted that the mulattoes could simply not understand the Holy Trinity and the mystery of the Son of God. For the slaves, on the other hand, it was considered easier for them to fathom the mysteries of the Catholic religion because of their African background and familiarity with voodoo. So the priests gave regular attention to the slaves, while leaving the mulattoes to live their lives as they saw fit. By the beginning of the 18th century, Catholicism was being practiced so intensely by the slaves, who were so often desperate for solace, that it was becoming a mania." (
Martin Ros, Translated by Karin Ford-Treep, Night of Fire - The Black Napoleon and the Battle for Haiti, SARPEDON, 1991, p 22)

The natural reaction among the French would have been, "Vade retro, Satanas!" But the priests assured them these black souls could be washed clean. The French on Haiti who believed these
liars paid the price when the devils "decapitated children and stuck the quivering limbs and heads onto their spears and swords like trophies. Young girls were raped repeatedly and murdered in front of their mothers eyes—and then the mothers suffered the same fate." (Ros, p 6)
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Knife play and plenty of rape. All in a day's work for the devil.


So now we know who was right in that debate back in the autumn of 1654.