Night of Fire (Haiti) in 1791 & the Malmö Sweden Riots


Christians on the upward path all know that Jesus is "the way and the truth and the life". (Jesus Christ, cited in John 14:6, Holy Bible)

But that's the Christians. There are also a lot of doubters out there. They call themselves agnostics, atheists, or even Jews. Many of them doubt that Jesus ever existed, others go so far as to claim that Jesus was Jewish.

What would it take to clear up this dense fog of unbelief?

One way would be to provide photographic evidence that the Bible got it right.


Just such evidence has now emerged!

While video footage of the Saviour is not yet widely available, reliable witnesses have now caught Satan on film!!

The film was taken by night, so its not too easy to make out the devil, who appears to be black in the video. But if police witnesses say it, there just must be something to it!


Say you're out driving a car, and get into a smash. The parties can disagree on what happened, so they call the police to write up a report for insurance/court purposes. Surely the police can be trusted!

Those silly agnostics can keep on saying they don't believe in a devil or a god, but who will believe them anymore?

There are all those stereotypes: police just cruise around drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, or police just like to harass the law-abiding citizenry since they are afraid of the criminals.


While these undoubtedly apply to most police, the city of Malmö has been blessed by the Policemen's Christian Fellowship!! On the evening of 18 December 2008, they were witnessing to the Islamic residents of the Rosengård district:

"97 percent of people living in Herrgården are foreign-born or have two foreign-born parents. In Rosengård as a whole, the figure is 85 percent. Kosovans form the largest immigrant group, followed by Iraqis." (Genevieve Worrell, Rosengård: hardship and hope, The Local, 23 Aug 2007)
"The colonists in Saint-Domingue are sleeping on the crater of a Vesuvius," Mirabeau had been heard to shout in the National Assembly of revolutionary France. The slaves in Haiti, the French possession of Saint-Domingue, totalled half a million much outnumbering the whites by a majority of nearly twenty to one." (Martin Ros (Translated by Karin Ford-Treep), Night of Fire - The Black Napoleon and the Battle for Haiti, SARPEDON, 1991, p. 2)

Watch this video, and you'll see what this missionary band was up against!


The audio is a little unclear, and the people in Skåne are not known for clear speech, but if you listen to the video carefully, you can hear something like djævel (the Danish word for devil).

These Christian crusaders got a little fired up!

One missionary remarked, ”Han ska bli steril om jag får tag i honom” (Inte tjänstefel säga ”apejävel”, SR, 6 Feb 2009) Or, if I get my hands on him, he will be sterile (clear text: kick him in the privates good and hard).

Another Christian remark: ”Ja, han ska ha sig duktigt med stryk så att han inte står på benen”. (id.) "That boy is going to get so many blows that he can no longer stand!"

Unsaved media types tried to cast these observations in a racist, rather than spiritual light, using this translation: ”den lille jävla apejäveln”. Which could be damned ape bastard, or black devil.

Certainly it was rather dark that night, so the Christian police officers may have thought the devil was black.

Like the "priest Boukman, the man with Herculean strength,". "Though to the native eye possessed by devils, Boukman was the architect of an ingenious plan of attack, a plan conceived with the sure hand of a master creator of ruins." (Ros, p. 5)

The voodoo priest Boukman was a "master creator of ruins". Maybe the devil spotted by the Policemen's Christian Fellowship was a "master creator of ruins" too.


For years, skeptics have run around doubting the existence of heaven and hell. Well, brothers and sisters, those days of doubt are coming to an abrupt end in Scandanavia!!

Now there is an awakening in Sweden, recalling those high days of the protestant reformation:

"Saint Martin Luther threw an inkwell at the devil!!

This is where the famous incident with the inkwell took place. Luther had just begun his memorable translation of the Bible into German.

Satan saw the handwriting on the wall and was furious. His demons gave him no rest day or night. . . . At last Luther took his inkwell and threw it at the devil! The mark is still to be seen on the wall. God's Word translated into German gave the devil a fatal wound." (Life and Times of Saint Martin Luther,

Surely if these fine police officers had inkwells on their "belts", they would have thrown them at the devil!! Their enthusiasm is certainly commendable.

And what kind of thanks did they get from the PC crowd?
"Förundersökningen mot de tre poliser som fällde rasistiska kommentarer under upploppen i Rosengård i december läggs ner. På fredagen beslutade chefsåklagare Kristian Augustsson att lägga ner den förundersökning om tjänstefel som inleddes på torsdagen." (Inte tjänstefel säga ”apejävel”, SR, 6 Feb 2009) (emphasis added)

Yes, fellow believers, these pious Christian soldiers were accused of racist comments when they went after the devil! Fortunately, the prosecutor was a fellow Christian, and decided that good Christians should not be harassed for "spiritual warfare".


The PC crowd is carrying on as if its still business as usual.

"During the first days of August 1791, the French newspapers the Gazette Générale de Saint-Domingue, the Moniteur Colonial and a dozen other papers that were published daily to keep track of the island’s bustling commerce - still issued their daily "wanted" lists of escaped slaves as if nothing was about to happen." (Ros, p. 2)

Those white folk in Sweden just love their ice cream. But the ice cream is only the medium (advertising). The message is: Go ahead and get intimate with those people of color.


They're impossibly cool, and how could they be dangerous?

"For more than thirty years it had been whispered among the slaves that "Fire killed Mackandal, and fire will destroy the riches of Haiti." The renegade Mackandal had been burned at the stake on January 26, 1758, after organizing a band of escaped slaves, "maroons," who inflicted terror on a wide swath of the countryside. It was said afterwards that his soul flew away like a fly from the fire in which his mortal remains were consumed. (The slaves believed that Mackandal had returned in the guise of mosquitoes that later brought the yellow fever) On a sign next to the stake, the whites had written, "Seducer, blasphemer, poisoner." Part voodoo god, it was said that Mackandal had seduced many women whom he had visited on nights while they were chanting incantations." (Ros, p. 3)

Mackandal had seduced many women, and Mackandal was dark. Just like the mulatto on the ice cream advertising. Who is obviously having his way with that woman. And voodoo? That's devil worship. Obviously, the Policemen's Christian Fellowship got it right!

"Now I'm black but black people trip 'cause white people
like me; white people like me I but don't like them. . . . I don't
hate whites, I just gotta death wish for motherfuckers that ain't
right"; --"Race War"; Ice-T, Home Invasion, 1993, Priority Records,
Thorn EMI; now called The EMI Group, United Kingdom.

But "inflicted terror on a wide swath of the countryside."? Watch this little video, and you will see the terror.


Wide swath?

On December 11, 2007, there was a shoot-out in Taastrupgård. Since this sort of thing is relatively new in Denmark, the police still bother to count the bullets. 88 shots that day from nine different guns.

And the police solution? Investigate, search, and arrest.

There was a lot of firepower in play, so the police were very cautious. They needed 100 officers, with assistance from the Rigspolitiet (national police). They arrested 13 people from two different gangs. It seems this was a turf war. Now the Danish are learning the same lessons the Americans have known for some time -- check the low-hanging trousers, where the gangstas keep their "heat".

Most of the arrested were Danish citizens, but all something in common -- they weren't even Danish. Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, Ethiopia. You name it. The media helpfully explains that a large amount of cash was found, and that it was a drug deal gone bad. (Marlene Kønig, 13 nye anholdelser i skudsag fra Taastrupgård, DR, Jan 17, 2008 )

And how did the state respond? There's a new deal that even when applications for asylum have been denied, the fake asylum seekers can still stay in the country. (Knud Nordahl Pedersen, Kølig modtagelse af asylaftalen, DR, Jan 16, 2008 )


"When a fire erupted on a plantation near Limbé on August 16, a slave was arrested who confessed under interrogation that, over a wide area, slaves were conspiring to burn down the plantations and strangle to death the whites. Weeks before August 22, the drums could be heard at night and, if anyone was foolhardy enough to venture into the woods, the monotonous and macabre repetitions of African wanga songs were heard as well." (Ros, p. 3)

After December 2008 in Rosengård, the Swedes and Danes have been thoroughly warned.

And they take all this really seriously?

"Give me another ice cream".


Who hasn't seen the rap, reggae, and African dance so popular among white teenagers?

Listen to the lyrics, and you should be able to figure out that the music is just the medium.


"Kill the white people; we gonna make them hurt; kill the white
people; but buy my record first; ha, ha, ha"; "Kill d'White People";
--Apache, Apache Ain't Shit, 1993, Tommy Boy Music, Time Warner, USA.


"Mackandal’s diabolic life and downfall was portrayed in the merengue, danced in the Alligator Wood where, during the night of August 14, 1791, the prelude for the Night of Fire would be played out. During that night, men and women first stood facing each other and then, following the staccato rhythm of the drums, jumped towards each other so that their bellies touched. Next, they jumped away from each other while making snapping movements with their bodies. Finally, they came together again, swinging their hips. As the rhythm increased, the movements became more intense and the gestures and expressions more passionate. The women turned around, offering their backs to the men. As soon as the men tried to touch them, the women ran away screaming; then the men chased them and jumped upon them with pent-up fervor. They remembered what Mackandal had said: "God taught your children how to dance while still in your wombs."" (Ros, pp. 3, 4)


The ladies of Landskrona know what this means:

"Devil, to gangbanging there's a positive side and the
positive side is this-sooner than later the brothers will come to
Islam, and they will be the soldiers for the war; what war, you ask;
Armageddon; ha, ha, ha, ha, ha"; "Armageddon"; -- RBX, The RBX Files,
1995, Premeditated Records, Warner Brother Records, Time Warner, USA.


You can see the dance in the clubs these days. Plenty of "unsuspecting" white boys and girls show up there:

"That Sunday, August 14, dozens of the slaves had gathered at Lenormand, deep in the Alligator Wood. It was about seven miles from Cap François, near the spot where Mackandal was burned at the stake, and also close to the place where Ogé and Chavannes, the first rebellious mulattoes, had been defeated and captured in 1790. Most of them had first been to church in L’Acul that morning where there had been a group of almost two thousand slaves together with less than a hundred whites, the latter not suspecting that anything was amiss." (Ros, p. 4)


Try P1 or P3. Plenty of drums beating there. And a rather "furious" music:

"It could not seem a coincidence to the secretly gathered slaves that, during this night of prelude to the Night of Fire, a hurricane arose, lightning flashed through the heavens, the earth was inundated by rain in an instant and trees bent down under the fury of the wind, some being uprooted.


The slaves moved aside to make room for an old woman who was led to the center of the group by Boukman. Her body shook with terrible shudders and she brandished a knife over her head. It was the prophetess Roumaine. With that same knife, she would lead many an attack on the plantations after the Night of Fire." (Ros, p. 4)


"The night in the Alligator Wood was not devoted simply to dancing and ceremony; deliberations were made and secret appointments arranged. Though to the native eye possessed by devils, Boukman was the architect of an ingenious plan of attack, a plan conceived with the sure hand of a master creator of ruins. When the Night of Fire arrived on August 22, the sugarcane fields, the woods and the plantations all went up in flames simultaneously over a distance of hundreds of miles."(Ros, p. 5)


"There is no twilight on Haiti, where the forces of nature are as quick as the passions of the people. Night is just as suddenly replaced by day as day is displaced by night. For the first time, however, it seemed that this Night of Fire on August 22, 1791, with its awesome fury, wished to hasten the advance of day. The sea of flames pushed up columns of smoke that gathered together to form smoldering ovens of clouds. Carried along by gusts of wind, they traveled for miles over the countryside and, finally, disintegrated in a rain of ashes that settled like tainted snow on the island. The clouds of smoke moved over not only Cap François, the terror-stricken capital of the colony, but also were seen as far away as the Bermudas.

After the Night of Fire, the light of day revealed a gruesome sight: toppled houses and buildings; screaming and moaning people. Fifty thousand slaves under the leadership of the priest Boukman had revolted and were celebrating their horrifying day of reckoning. ... Slaves dragged white planters from their homes and tore off their limbs one by one. They hanged the whites on their own ladders and riddled their bodies with their own guns, until nothing but crumpled masses of flesh were left. They strapped the whites to wooden racks and sawed them in half. They decapitated children and stuck the quivering limbs and heads onto their spears and swords like trophies. Young girls were raped repeatedly and murdered in front of their mothers' eyes - and then the mothers suffered the same fate."

"They tortured the white planters ... until the men were at the point of death; and then the slaves shouted at them, "No, don't die yet, you must suffer some more." Genitals were ripped out and stuffed into their owners’ mouths as they lay bleeding, emitting the death rattle". (Ros, pp. 5, 6)


Watch the videos carefully, and you'll see that the devil, that "master creator of ruins", and his forces are ready to go. Plenty of practice sessions already.wordpress stats

And when the great Night of Fire comes to Sweden, "the sea of flames" will push up columns of smoke that gather together to form "smoldering ovens of clouds".

The devil has already been sighted. Even filmed. And for weeks now the drums have been beating at night.